We apply computational methods to biological and medical data to solve scientific and business problems.

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We study the best ways to apply computational methods  (machine learning and deep learning) to genomics and other biological  data.  We are building predictive models using machine learning.  We are  studying the best ways to encode DNA, RNA and protein sequence data  into uniform length numerical vectors that can be used as input for deep  learning models.  We are studying whether we can apply latent semantic  analysis to genetic sequence data, treating DNA, RNA and protein  sequence data as a language. 

Genomics Data Analysis

If you need help analyzing your NGS data, we can help.  We can do end-to-end analysis from raw data QC all the way through analysis and visualization.  We can also teach you how to do this for yourself.  If you are doing genome editing and engineering with CRISPR, we can help you design your target sites and check for off target activity in any genome.

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Londonderry, New Hampshire, United States

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